Boissonnault’s “NATO Moment” is Dangerously Hypocritical.

No human rights have been stripped, no individual has been persecuted, no law has even been drafted, and no one has been attacked, but that is no barrier to Danielle Smith’s detractors.

The Alberta premier is drawing wild reactions from progressives. Her sin? Smith announced plans for policies to curtail surgical alterations for minors identifying as transexual.

The Premier wants to safeguard Alberta children from making life-changing decisions prematurely, even with parental support. These substantial decisions can lead to changes in sexual function and the ability to have children in the future, as well as to life-long medical complications. The guidelines will permit children to start the process of change only from 16 years of age, with surgeries delayed until they reach 18. Considering the potential implications, these guidelines seem quite reasonable.

Protecting children from future distress should be a clear choice except for those with skewed ideologies or lack of moral judgment.

The outcry to this sensible desire to safeguard children from the lasting negative impacts of these surgeries is revealing. It shows a fanatical culture, far removed from sensible discourse, medical evidence, reality, and an understanding of surgical risks.

Some expected the reaction might be emotional, but it has become ridiculous.

Rachel Notley called the proposal “horrifying.” The federal minister of health, Mark Holland called it “deeply disturbing,” “extremely dangerous,” and accused Smith of “placing kids at risk.” Arif Virani, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice spoke of potential “devastation” and accused the Alberta premier of “targeting,” and “demonizing” children.

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