The Haultain Research Institute offers a unique internship program. It is designed for undergraduate, graduate students, and professionals who are interested in pursuing careers in the public policy world,  and within the think tank industry in particular. The major objectives of our internship program are (1) to help identify and develop future policy leaders in Canada, (2) to provide highly motivated individuals with the opportunity to improve their own research and communication skills, and (3) to contribute to the research efforts of the free-market movement.

Haultain Internship Program

Preparing the next generation of public policy thinkers

Each individual intern at the Haultain Research Institute is assigned to a mentor. Mentors are members of our policy research team, who will provide guidance and supervision throughout the term of the internship. Interns have the opportunity to participate in several components of the research process beside researching. They engage copy editing, database creation, writing in Haultain’s portfolios, or helping with communications campaigns.

Interns work remotely and correspond regularly with their internship coordinator via e-mail and on-line meeting platforms. Our internship program runs three cycles each year. The dates for the winter, spring-summer, and autumn terms are listed below.  Although precise start and end date of the program may be negotiable, the program runs for 12 weeks. The Haultain Research Institute also offers a part-time version of the internship program running 24 weeks. Note these are unpaid internships.

HIP Intern Selection and Requirements

We are looking for individuals with a passion for free market. Applicants in the following areas of study are best suited to our internship program, but these are not exclusive: political science, journalism and communications, public policy, philosophy, economics, education, environmental studies, nonprofit management, criminal justice, pre-law, and law school. Good research, writing, and office skills are essential.

Application Deadlines

  • Winter internship term: January-April (Application Deadline: December 1)
  • Spring internship term: May-July (Application Deadline: April 1)
  • Summer internship term: June-August (Application Deadline: May 1)
  • Autumn internship term: September-December (Application Deadline: August 1)

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please write to [email protected] with the following in one single PDF document:

  1. A cover letter indicating your interest in a policy internship, and what you hope to gain by completing an internship program with Haultain Research Institute;
  2. Your current resume;
  3. Writing sample (any paper of approximately 10 pages you have written for a class);
  4. List of three references.

* The application deadlines are firm, and expire at midnight on the date indicated.

“Being selected for an internship at the Haultain Research Institute will expose you to contemporary issues and public policy debates and offer you the opportunity to learn and  contribute to those debates in a meaningful way. The internship is recommended to anyone who is interested in learning about public policy, as well as gaining valuable work experience with policy experts at a well-respected and influential think tank.”