The Haultain Institute is a private educational organization dedicated to finding solutions to address the structural inequities detrimental to landlocked Canadian provinces with views to establish more fair, balanced and renewed societies.

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Marco Navarro-Génie

Marco Navarro-Génie, BA (Concordia University), MA, PhD (University of Calgary) is the founding president of the Haultain Research Institute.

Dr. Navarro-Génie was born in Nicaragua and grew up as an adolescent in Montreal, where he fled the communist regime that strangles his native country to this day. In search of broader horizons, he moved to Alberta in 1990. After two decades in academe, he joined the free-market public policy world as Vice President of Research at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, where he remains a Senior Fellow. He was the fourth President of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and served briefly as Vice President for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

Navarro-Génie is co-founder and Director of Nurses for Sustainable Care (NFSC). He is former director of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (Rights and Democracy), and served as president of CIVITAS (2017-2019).

Dr. Navarro-Génie taught political Science in the Department of Policy Studies at Mount Royal University in Calgary, at St. Mary’s College, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), the University of Calgary, and Concordia University in Montreal. Dr. Navarro-Génie comments regularly in local, national and international media on issues of government, politics, and public policy. He is author of hundreds of articles, several policy reports, and three books. His latest book, co-written with Barry Cooper, is Canada’s COVID: The Story of a Pandemic Moral Panic (2023).


Barry Cooper

Barry Cooper, a fourth generation Albertan, was educated at Shawnigan Lake School, the University of British Columbia and Duke University, where he received his doctorate in 1969.  He taught at Bishop’s University, McGill, and York University before coming to the University of Calgary in 1981.  For the past thirty-five years he has studied western political philosophy, both classical and contemporary.  Much of his teaching has focused on Greek political philosophy whereas his publications have been chiefly in the area of contemporary French and German political philosophy.  Over the years he has spent considerable time in both countries, teaching and doing research. 

Cooper’s other area of continuing interest has been Canadian politics and public policy.  Here he has brought the insights of political philosophers to bear on contemporary issues, including the place of technology and the media in Canada, the on-going debate over the constitutional status of Quebec, and the precarious status of Canadian defence and security. 

He is the author, editor, or translator of 37 books, most recently Canada’s COVID: The Story of a Pandemic Moral Panic (2023), and has published nearly 200 papers and book chapters. 


Sara MacIntyre

Sara MacIntyre is currently President & CEO of Vuca-Sera Inc., working on government, media relations, communications and business strategic support for medium sized companies in oil, grain, gas and telecommunications.


Christopher Primeau

Christopher Primeau serves as the Chief Operations Officer for the Impact Society and is the lead for project implementation and organizational development at Goodpin.


Trevor Shelley

Trevor Shelley is a temporarily displaced Albertan currently serving as Postdoctoral Associate at Arizona State University, where he teaches and works in the new School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership, and is engaged in research at the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty.