A Recruitment Paradox: The RCMP’s Identity Politics

Given the many challenges the RCMP has faced in recent years, it’s hardly surprising that many Canadians question the honesty and integrity of the force. In tandem with this decline in public trust, the RCMP’s recruitment objectives have fallen short of expectations.

Instead of striving to recruit the best candidates, the force favors the governing coalition’s obsession with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Its hiring strategy is akin to that of a school board in Toronto or Vancouver. As many of us are aware, the education sector is the most afflicted by social experiments. This holds for schools, colleges, and universities. And when a school teacher leads a government, the outcome shouldn’t surprise us.

Take for example the RCMP recruitment directives:

“The RCMP is looking to increase diversity amongst applicants and cadets by modernizing its screening tools to promote diversity and ensure candidates have the characteristics and attributes for future police workforce needs. This includes screening for bias, racism, and discriminatory attitudes and beliefs. We will also increase diversity amongst proactive recruiters, to [sic] better represent the diversity we seek to attract.”

The federal cops posted about a cadet recruitment program for “students who identify as women.” Below is their February 12 post on X:

The same DEI virus has made its way into the federal bureaucracy and organizations such as the Courts, the Armed Forces, and the Federal Police. These are the folks receiving tampons in men’s toilets within federal buildings.

The RCMP blunders are many.

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