[Red Deer Speech] Separation If Necessary … The Winning Conditions

By Marco Navarro-Génie, President of the Haultain Research Institute.

Good morning, and thank you for that introduction. Thank you to Danny for inviting me to speak here today. I am a guy of many hats and I appear here this morning as a senior fellow of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, and as president of the freshly created Haultain Research Institute.

Some of you may know, I am recently returned to Alberta from my six-year exile in Atlantic Canada, perfectly timed to avoid almost the entirety of the Alberta NDP years. It is germane to mention that before my first 24 years in Alberta I lived in Quebec for 11 years. I saw the 1980 from the vantage point of Montreal and the 1995 referendum from Calgary.

Equally germane it may be to confess that I am a recovering academic, having endured 20 years of political correctness in its highest concentrations before jumping into the public policy world 10 years ago.

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