Erin O’Toole Ousted: Interview with Noe Chartier of the Epoch Times

Navarro-Génie says events of the past week surrounding the trucker convoy and protest could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for some MPs.

O’Toole was first quiet on the issue, he says, “then there was kind of an attempt at trying to position him somewhere close to the truckers, but far away from the truckers at the same time, kind of way too cautious.”

Then as reports of hateful symbols appearing near the protest made the news, O’Toole tried to distance himself and took the same position as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Navarro-Génie says.

“His tweet about it was exactly the position of the prime minister … and I am sure that it must have annoyed several members of caucus that he would sound like Justin, ahead of Justin.”


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